Monday, May 5, 2014

Classic Glamour

Is everyone ready to get Dressed to the Nines for Sewing Indie Month?!

I find the idea of what clothing is deemed “appropriate” in certain situations rather fascinating.  As Mr. Cole Porter said:  “In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking, now heaven knows . . . Anything Goes!” 

Today, very few events are going to require that you follow any rules and regulations (à la Emily Post) regarding attire.  A sequined mini is just as likely to attend a formal event as a full length gown.  If the invitation does not specify what to wear, chances are good that your classic little black dress will not be out of place.  Classic, after all, never goes out of style.

If you do not have a formal event to attend, why not create your own?  Dress up for a day spent at your local museum, or schedule a garden party with friends, just for fun.  Take some time to craft your outfit, starting with the fabric and pattern, and complete the look with gorgeous accessories.  

Just because everyone else will be wearing jeans does not preclude you from looking sharp in your self-made outfit!

And while I will take any and every excuse to don full-on formal wear, I understand that my version of "formal" may differ radically from what someone else considers “Dressed to the Nines."  Getting dressed up should be fun and make you feel good!   

There is no need to purchase a formal wear pattern.  You can make something very special from a basic pattern.  Fabric choice can elevate a basic sheath into something glamorous.

For fun, I am stretching the limits of my imagination on what I consider to be dressed up.  I have included a few images of glamorous ladies of the silver screen as examples.  While some of these outfits would have been considered casual when the pictures were taken, a pair of well fitting slacks and a crisply tailored shirt can absolutely be appropriate for more formal events provided the fabric and fit are right - silk, for instance, is an excellent way to make any garment more luxurious.

If you cannot imagine wearing a fancy dress, why not re-work a classic trouser or skirt into something fabulous by perfecting the fit, and pulling out a special occasion fabric.  Or tackle that fancy dress design in a everyday fabric that will make it more wearable for you.  

And if you need an excuse to make that fancy schmancy cocktail dress you have been meaning to get started on . . . go for it! 

The idea is not to alter your personality to the dress, but rather, to highlight your individuality with a gorgeous outfit made just for you.  The question is, what clothing makes you feel special?  Flirty, elegant, over-the-top, or glamorous, I cannot wait to see what everyone stitches up this month!

The only rule is to make sure you feel fabulous and chic - and get ready for a ton of compliments!  

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  1. I'm with you! Americans in particular need to dress up more. It's so much fun!

  2. Great post, those photos are beautiful! I absolutely agree that fabric choice makes a huge difference to a garment - you don't need a complicated pattern if the fabric you're using is itself stunning.

  3. I agree with jetsetsewing. Glamour and classy dressing never goes out of style.

  4. The photos made this post great fun to read (and thanks for hooking them up to pinterest to make pinning easy)! I definitely agree, dressing up is so much fun and can totally elevate my mood (:

  5. I love those photographs!
    Reading the blogs, I tend to think Americans still have more occasions for dress-up than we do, here in the Netherlands.
    Although you won't see people going to the shops in their pyjama's over here (which I am led to believe is not that uncommon in the US) you will, definitely, see guests at weddings wearing jeans.
    I recently attended my brother's graduation ceremony (which came with a buffet dinner and was held at the school itself. The education was one for sustainable farming). The dress code, we were told was 'gala', but I didn't have the time to make anything truly glamorous and I knew it wouldn't be required. It was a warm day, so I wore my elegant cowl-legged summer jumpsuit (here: Some of the men wore suits, some of the girls nice dresses, most of the people there wore casual clothes although maybe a bit more put-together than they usually would.
    A re-birth of dressing up would be welcome...

  6. Is that Maureen O'Hara taking a SELFIE?!

    1. Ha! It really does look that way, doesn't it! I guess I was just distracted by how beautiful she is - she was my favorite as a child watching old AMC movies.

  7. I'm excited to see that little strip of midriff included amongst these looks!!

  8. What a great idea! Sometimes all you need is a strand of pearls on a black cashmere sweater to bump your look up a notch. And the perfect red lipstick. And thank you for the shot of Myrna Loy, one of the great dames of the silver screen.

  9. What inspiring photos - who wouldn't love to feel that glamorous on a regular basis?? :)

  10. Goodness gracious! So much fabulousness!!! It is funny how even if you look put-together and not even necessarily glamorous, the compliments will come pouring in!