Monday, October 21, 2013

That Color!

These days I am surrounded by this amazing color – one that I cannot put a name to.  It is a pinky-lavender hue with undertones of  . . . something - in certain lights it comes off silvery, in others more of a bronzy-brown.  Mauve doesn’t do it justice, but orchid isn't right, either.

The best way I can describe it is the color of a sterling rose.

I have a snuggly bathrobe this color.

The knitting project that has been tossed aside for the moment is the very same.

Not only that, I walked outside my office last week and noticed that the hydrangea bushes are flowering in, you guessed it, that color!


  1. It is such a sweetly beautiful hue. Feminine, but a million miles away from cloyingly so. I'd be tempted to name it cocoa violet, because I see both soft brown and purple when I look at it.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I've seen it described as antique plum,dusty rose,antique rose,dusty lilac-l am trying to find some medium weight linen in that col our to replace some pants that l have worn into oblivion. Big,big fan of that particular shade.

  3. It is a beautiful color! And I love hydrangeas. I discovered them when I moved to New Jersey. They grow like weeds around the famed Jersey Shore. The variations of hue are magnificent.

    The silver rose, cocoa violet colors are beautiful, but not for me. I would look like I'd already died in them. I get sad sometimes, when I am unable to wear the beautiful delicate and feminine hues of the summery complexion.

    I'm a crayon color girl and unless I am to look like Lily Munster, must wear the bold stripes of a basic eight Crayola box. I can get by with earth tones and shades of autumn, but I must be careful with those. They tend to dull my livelyness.

    Maroons and burgundies have always been favorites, but make me look like a corpse.

    Sigh. I must admire them in nature and sadly leave them at the store.

  4. The official name is Ashes of Roses. A lovely mysterious shade. But only for a select few. It'll be lovely on you!

    Rock on,

  5. Lovely - and perfect for you!

  6. Gorgeous! I really love that color too.