Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014, A Year in Review

Spadea 1251 / Gala Gown 2014 / Sirdar 1741 & Vogue 1296

As the year comes to an end, I wanted to look back at my creative output for the year.  It has been a busy one!

Lolita Patterns "Spearmint" / Vogue 4203 / By Hand London "Georgia"

The sewing community (both online and in person) has been incredibly inspiring, and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

Simplicity 1426 & Butterick 4792 / By Hand London "Georgia" / By Hand London "Anna"

I did not accomplish everything I hoped to (that never manages to happen . . . ), but for goodness sake, this hobby of mine took me all the way to New York City!

Colette "Parfait" & Capelet / By Hand London "Anna" & Beaded Collar / Simplicity 1587

I hope the next year brings even more fabulous adventures.

Colette "Parfait" / Butterick 6055 / Simplicity 1371 & Simplicity 3224

Thank you for reading along, and for all of the amazing encouragement.

Sewaholic "Hollyburn" /  McCalls 9245

Happy New Year!

Sewaholic "Gabriola" /  Spadea NS-203

And, more importantly, Happy Sewing!!

Sirdar 1741 / "Two-Tone Jumper" / "Spring Song" Lady's Blouse


  1. Happy New Year and happy sewing 2015 Laura Mae. a great hug from the Caribbean Sea

  2. So many beautiful creations! Happy New Year, Laura Mae!

  3. What a productive year -- I can't believe you made all of those beautiful garments in 2014! Best wishes for a happy 2015!

  4. Happy new year darling. lovely outfits.. what a fun year!

  5. What a hat doffinfly awesome, and very (!) impressive number of garments you created in just twelve months. You look stunning in all of them and perpetually knock my socks off with your phenomenal sewing and knitting skills, dear Laura.

    From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a happy, fun filled, healthy, creativity fueled 2015!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Happy new year to you! you have sewed up some fantastic items and this blog post is so pretty, they way the colors flow. See you in 2015, Beth

  7. I rarely comment, but really enjoy reading your blog. Your creations are amazing! Happy New Year!

  8. Impressive!! I bet you are proud of yourself.

  9. Happy New Year.
    May this year bring many happy hours spent sewing !
    Love your blog and am looking forward to reading it this year. Love all your wonderful garments.
    Love sewing myself and I spend many hours in my tiny sewing room.
    Sorry this is anonymous, no other way possible for me to comment. I am Joan from Holland, Europe.

  10. WOW! You are nothing short of amazing! Thank you continuously sharing creations with us throughout 2014. You continue to be such a source of inspiration with your skills and determination, as I am a person who struggles with sewing still!

    Here is to 2015!

  11. I learn so many wonderful sewing techniques from your blog and your sewing projects. Thank you and Happy 2015! May we all have lots and lots of sewing/blogging/creative time over the coming months!

  12. So many beautiful garments, Laura Mae! Butterick 6055 is one of my very favourites :)

  13. Happy New Year! So many wonderful creations! Congratulations on all your wonderful outfits!

  14. Such a lot of sewing! You have made some really lovely outfits.

  15. Happy New Year!!! Your creative output has been stunning, as are you in each of your photos! Thanks again so much for your support and contribution to my Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge!

    1. Thank you, Marie, for the opportunity and your brilliant idea for the Vintage Pattern Pledge!

  16. Wow! I've looked at some other vintage sewing web sites and you carry off the look better than any others I've seen. You don't overdo the makeup and you look lovely and natural. The dresses you have made are just beautiful and very flattering on you. It must be so much fun to be able to sew these lovely fashions and then to wear them and look beautiful in them on top of it! Happy New Year!

  17. Always an inspiration! Happy 2015--best wishes for the New Year!

  18. Very Happy New Year to you! Your sewing is so inspiring. Best to you in 2015!

  19. Happy New Yer!! And you have so many lovely makes from last year, I can't wait to see what equally lovely tings you make this year!!

  20. Happy New Year! What a wonderful body of work! 2014 was good to you and you got to experience Charles James!!! I'm sure you will have as many wonderful sewing adventures in 2015.