Monday, October 15, 2012

Gala Gown: The Hood/Capelet

Looking at my pattern and doing a quick image search for 1948 leads me to one conclusion: hoods were very popular for 1940s outerwear.  And not the fleece “hoodies” finished with plastic zippers that are thrown together and sold these days - I have always found the idea of having the word “Juicy” written across my bottom to be distasteful, not to mention the ridiculous use of the word couture (don’t get me started on that one!).  No siree, Bob - these are structured and chic hoods that lend an level of sophistication to any garment.  And this one will provide a bit of cover!

Here is a quick reminder of the pattern and the lovely old-fashioned hoodie!

I just know I am not going to have enough fabric to make the hood that is included with this pattern.  Besides, I am not sure my gown is going to lend itself to the long throw included and I am a bit paranoid about the satin catching on bead and wire embellishments I plan on adding to the shoulder.  Instead, I think that a capelet and hood will be fun.

The first thing to do was lengthen the back piece and bring the bottom center edge to a point. 

With the help of a French curve, I added some new cut lines.

One sloppy tissue fitting later, and I realized that the lovely drafters had included a center front line for me!  I added ½” so I could play with closures.

On second thought, and to match the back upper bodice, I curved the back line a little.

My idea is to use one of my fabrics for the lining, and the other as the right side.  At this point, I really do not know which is which, but as the pieces are duplicates of one another, I don’t have to worry about that quite yet.

Less than two weeks to the event!  Yikes!


  1. oh wow, your going to look stunning! how exciting, i cannot wait to see it all finished and put together, you'll look a treat!

  2. I've always been enamored with the idea of evening dresses that include a hood, and cannot wait to see your finished project!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. You are making great progress, can't wait to see it finished. Gosh I love vintage patterns... they are my porn :P