Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Colored Vintage

I am sure many of you are getting sick and tired of looking at boring muslin and bits of an unfinished project, so I thought I would share one of my vintage pieces.

This is another Jerry Gilden dress - someone in the family was a fan, I guess!

The pumpkin color is perfect for Fall, but the short sleeves preclude the wearing of this dress once it gets cold, so I thought the recent warm weather was a sign to pull it out of the closet.

The cotton is so soft after years of wear and washing.  Unfortunately, some of the corners of the neck opening are beginning to show their age. 

I would imagine that this dress originally came with a self-fabric belt, but it was misplaced somewhere along the line.  My favorite length of grosgrain ribbon to the rescue!

And look – more piping (my newest obsession).

Happy Fall!

Dress:  Vintage
Shoes:  Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret
Necklace:  Borrowed from mom
Earrings:  Gift


  1. Nope! Never tired of watching you sew your "boring" muslin! If I could sew like you . . . .

  2. This really is a splendidly lovely orange dress that suits these gorgeous autumn days to a tee. I'm a huge fan of dressing in sync with the colour palette of each season, too, and have been wearing my small handful of orange pieces more days than not lately.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. So pretty! I'd love to find a dress like that.

  4. This dress is really nice. I love the square-ish neckline and I find the grosgrain-ribbon actually gives it the chic touch. Now, can you tell me how you manage such perfect bows? Mine always bend one side or another...
    And I totally agree with Alaskpsych, never tired of muslin and sewing in construct. I learn so much from it! Btw, my promised reviews and photos are on PatternReview (my name there is elodieji).

    1. Thanks Elodie! Grosgrain ribbon is decidedly easier to tie than something slippery like satin. I do, however, find that when I tie a bow on my waist I have to do it upside-down, and it comes out better than right-side up - go figure!

  5. This is simply delightful! The print is wonderful!


  6. you look absolutely beautiful. what a gorgeous fun dress. and your gala dress...that is going to be incredible. found my way here through...hmmm, gertie's blog wher i read a comment from sew retro rose who mentioned your blog. phew! glad i found it :D happy sewing
    can twait to see your dress finished

    1. I just love what a small world the online sewing community is!