Friday, October 26, 2012

Vintage Reproductions for the Holidays

The new Vogue Winter/Holiday patterns are out.  And there are three new vintage reproductions - just what I need to distract me from finishing my gown!  Why is it that all those little pesky but necessary things like hook & eyes take so much longer than expected?!

Vogue 8868

I am very excited that Vogue is bringing back the vintage hats.  Unfortunately, this particular pattern looks like more of a fascinator than hat, but hopefully next season they will include more vintage hats!

Vogue 8850

And the drape on this dress promises to be a whole lot of fun.  I am not sure about those shoes the stylist put on the model, but I will reign in the snarky comments because I really do appreciate the effort that Vogue is putting into the recent Vintage Vogue photo shoots.

Vogue 8851

I will keep wishing and hoping for more complicated and fabulous vintage Special Edition Vogues, but until then, these classic silhouettes will just have to do!

Vogue 8853

And it may just be the polka dot print, but I think I love this blouse.  Or does it look too 1990s poet blouse?  Would it look good tucked into a pencil skirt?  I am not quite sure at this point . . . I am too distracted by the fabulous dots!

Vogue 8858

This skirt is rather fetching.  It does require a fabulous fabric, so I will have to keep my eyes open.  Or perhaps I should just work with what I have for the moment!

Which are your favorites - the old fashioned, or the super modern?


  1. I wasn't fussed on the vintage items this season, but when I saw the Vogue 8858 skirt I actually gasped. I love this skirt!

  2. What gorgeous new releases! I especially like the hats (and fascinator), but am also rather partial to that great saffron hued 50s style dress.

    Wishing you a marvelous last weekend of October!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. The DH commented that I could make 8858 and be the Fiesta dancing lady.Looks alot like her!

  4. Love the blouse- dots too! Definitely picking this up on my next trip to the fabric shop.

  5. Oh the skirt is fabulous - and it's got a couple of everyday versions so you can kid yourself you can use the pattern for those.
    I love the long sleeved Kay Unger and the 8861 jacket, and also the 8866 wardrobe (minus the pants). V8849 has a range of version - with and without peplums... I keep reminding myself I have sworn not to touch a peplum...

  6. I quite like 8850! I am so dreadfully afraid of the modern reproduction patterns - I wish they'd stick to the old sizes instead of adding all that horrible "ease".

  7. I love 8858, the flamenco-style skirt, as well! I was wondering if anyone can suggest a pattern that is similar to the top worn with it (the black lace top)?