Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Sneak Peek

There are just too many pictures to get through this evening, but I thought I would leave you with a little sneak peek of the finished dress!

(I suppose having a plethora of pictures is preferable to having nothing decent to post, right!?)


  1. Oh, it is gorgeous! Must. Have. More. Photos!!!

  2. Another winner! A matching bag, how did I miss that? Your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me!

  3. VERY stylish. Thanks for letting us look at your work so closely.

  4. Positively STUNNING! Love the teal accessories!

  5. Overheard Panicking #1:

    "She's a hipster in the worst way!"

    "I'll say. Of beads and a matching bag."

    "Of gloves and gilding. "

    "Of dogs and dress forms."

    "Oh ya, he's right here, cooing and chortling. Her very own stage brother, dontchaknow."

    "He's one of her many rabid fans. Any theories as to her modus operandi?"

    "She represents as an every woman, while unknown to most, the anagram for Laura Mae is 'male aura'. Sociologically speaking (pause) she's a 'gender up-ender'."

    (Audible exhale) "So no one is safe, and she's taking to the field, equally poised and padded."

    "With any media coverage, she could recruit and retain a new generation."

    "Her alliance with Britex Fabrics has already done that. She's clearly heading for loftier legions."

    "So someone is about to hip-check her way into the lime light, and upstage world leaders. Is there nothing we can do?"

    "Nothing. Laura Mae has purified 'her-anium'. With those curves and contours, we don't need a satellite to see what she's capable of."

    "From the looks of things, she.has her heel on the button".

    "Mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm."

    "THAT Laura Mae!"

    "Yes, (pause) THAT one."

  6. OH, Laura Mae, you tease! I cannot wait to see what sort of fabulousness you are about to serve up!

  7. That beaded embroidery, that cut, that waist, that handbag, that colour combination with teal, I love everything about it. Congratulations for having made such a perfect garment!

  8. No fair teasing! LOL! More photos, please!!

  9. Arrrrggggg...must see more!! I am loving it!

  10. lol @ Testosterone! Laura those are some of the most droolworthy sneak peeks ever!

  11. Stop-you-in-your-tracks sublime!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  12. You are so mean. How can you tease us like that? *sulking*

  13. I really cannot wait to see more photos of this stunning dress! What you've shown us so for is breathtaking and, wow. Just, wow. I hope I am one day able to sew something half as fabulous!