Sunday, January 2, 2022

2021, A Year in Review

McCalls 8141 / Vogue 8772, Stanwyck Skirt
Simplicity 8736, Simplicity 8458 / Vogue 4203

Another year has passed, which means that it is time for one more Year in Review.  As a reminder, for purposes of sewing and knitting projects, I don't consider them finished or complete until they are posted to the blog.  In fact, I don't even like to wear something until I have photographed and documented the project.  So here are the completed, photographed, and blogged outfits for 2021.  A couple of these took way longer than they should have, and so it feels great to finally call them finished!

Vanilla Bean Turtleneck, Vogue 1247 / Butterick 6380
Ivy Pinafore, McCalls 7053 / Jailbird Blouse, Butterick 6285

I had hoped to have posted a bit more this year, but I am going to go easy on myself.  It has been a trying year, and feeling motivated has sometimes required more energy than I had.

Vogue 8399 / Gable Top, Butterick 6556
McCalls 7929 /  Vogue 9182

I won't be making any sewing resolution for the New Year, but I am looking forward to spending some time in the sewing room.  There are at least two projects I have in mind for some lovely wool that is taking up a whole lot of space, and I am thinking now might be an excellent time to cut into that yardage.  Or maybe I just continue sitting on the couch with my knitting and a cup of tea (possibly with a chihuahua on my lap, if Mr. Valentino is so inclined).  In fact, I think that's where I am headed right now.  Fresh Meyer lemon squeezed into some hot water with honey and cayenne would hit the spot.  The only question is . . . do I disturb the sleeping chihuahua?

Butterick 6463 /  Butterick 2259, Simplicity 8019


  1. You helped pull us all through last year with your grit and stick-to-it-ness! Thank you for everything you put out in the universe.

    Looking very much forward to where you go in '22 (will you venture into the "Annie Hall look"? Go full tilt Adolopho? Or surprise us with a homage to Chinatown [Laura Faye]?).

    One of many

  2. You are so talented. You added some great additions to your wardrobe in 2021. By the way - you have nice legs. You should add more above knee dresses/skirts to your sewing plans for 2022.